Optimal digital marketing and a strong online presence – a recipe for success. Google My Business (GMB), is one of the first ports of call for business owners. Here’s how to elevate your online presence.

For those new to GMB, Google describes it as: ‘a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence’. The information you provide will appear in Google searches, allowing people to find you, contact you and find out more information about your business. If you’ve been operating for a while, chances are you’re already listed on GMB in some form.

1: Claim Your Google Business Listing

If you’ve browsed Google business listings, you may have come across the option to ‘claim this business’. This means Google has found a business listing at that location but the business owner hasn’t verified it on Google. Claiming your business will allow you to add correct information, improving your search results ranking and customer reach. You’ll need a Google account to do so – even a Gmail account.

Hint: Download the GMB app. Super convenient, free and available on Android and iOS, the app allows you to make changes on the go.

2: Keep Your Information Accurate

GMB allows you to edit various information about your business. Make sure it’s as accurate as possible.

Description: This should explain as quickly and as simply as possible exactly what you offer.

Operating Hours: Let people know your opening hours, including weekends and holidays. It will be labelled as ‘open’ or ‘closed’ on Maps which can affect Siri and Google Assistant directions too.

Contact Details: Email, phone and location – all should be clear and up to date.

Hint: One of the ways Google ranks businesses is relevance. This means complete and detailed information can help Google match you to searches.

3: Encourage Reviews

Reviews from the general public are considered to be a major ranking factor in search results (i.e., whether your website appears on page 1,2,3+ of search results). Additionally, these reviews are visible on map search results. Google is intuitive and knows when people leave fake reviews or reviews from a paid bot service, so make sure to request genuine customer reviews only.

Furthermore, be empathetic and delicate when responding to negative reviews. Be understanding and address the issue in the review which will allow others to see how you respond to problems or unsatisfied customers.

Hint: Reviews are visible to people on Google Maps and Google search results.

4: Regularly Post in Your Google Business Listing

In addition to showing potential customers that you’re an active and proactive business owner, it also increases your Google ranking. Frequent posts show Google that you manage and update your business profile and are therefore likely to have accurate information and contact details. You’ll also appear to provide quick responses and be ready to engage with your audience.

Hint: You can add photos and information about your successful clients. Use original photos or use an online graphic design program to make your own.

5: Be Genuine

Being the largest and most used search engine in the world didn’t come easy for Google. Naturally, its secret, complex algorithms are smart and know when people and businesses are trying to cheat the system in order to increase their Google search ranking. Long gone are the days when you could simply plaster a web page with keywords and get hits.

Make sure your posts and content are as genuine and honest as possible. Adding in tacky sales responses to reviews, for example, won’t help in your Google search ranking.

Hint: Google’s general message is to provide the best and most accurate service to your customers and clients. Do that, and leave the rest to GMB.


We all know of the importance of technology in business and as such, GMB is a huge (free) asset to businesses and customers alike. It’s a no-brainer to optimise it to work for you as much as possible. To briefly recap:

  • Make a profile on GMB (or claim your business)
  • Keep your information as accurate as possible
  • Engage in reviews and be genuine

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