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Soaring demand, stock issues and renewed enthusiasm for domestic travel proved a scenic route in Nodifi’s numbers, reflecting Australian car buying habits numbers over the last 12 months.

FY 21/22 Top Sellers in Brief

21-22 FY Top Sellers Snapshot_NO TITLE-01

FY 21/22 takeaways

  • Despite stock delivery wait times, 2021 models reported large numbers
  • The Mitsubishi Triton proved popular
  • In terms of volume, married/de facto males (aged 18-39) with dependants in Victoria reported the highest numbers
  • Hybrid vehicles, such as the Mitsubishi Outlander, are gaining traction
  • Utes and SUVs are undoubtedly the most popular choices across all demographics

Specific Demographics

Note: all categories listed in order highest recorded numbers


21-22 FY Top Sellers - Singles_NO TITLE-01

Singles with Dependents

21-22 FY Top Sellers - Single with dependents_NO TITLE-01

Married or DeFacto without Dependants

21-22 FY Top Sellers - Married without dependants_NO TITLE-01

Married or DeFacto with Dependants

21-22 FY Top Sellers - Married with dependants_NO TITLE-01

Top Sellers (by state / territory)

21-22 FY Top Sellers by State - White-01

Additional Statistics

Highest-selling year of manufacture (total)

  • 2021
  • 2016
  • 2015

Most borrowed (volume)

Males (married / de facto) with dependants in VIC (ages 18 – 39)

Top selling new vehicles (2021 – 2022 year of manufacture)

  • Ford Ranger
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Mitsubishi Triton

To summarise

Despite the ups and downs of stock shortages and the ups and ups of used car prices, Australians aren’t shying away from securing their next vehicles.

Furthermore, in typical Aussie fashion, utes, SUVs and other vehicles that allow for cargo and passenger space with a few road trips in mind are still seeing strong demand despite fuel prices woes. 

The popularity of the Mitsubishi Triton in the numbers above hints that long wait times and high prices on used examples are seeing some buyers opt away from hall-of-famers like the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux.

At the time of writing, Price My Car’s New Car Delivery Date Estimator pegs a new Ranger at a massive 161 days and a new HiLux at 151 days until they arrive in a buyer’s driveway.

Looking forward, with the introduction of Polestar vehicles in Australia and Tesla and other EV models somewhat filing orders (albeit slowly), we’ll likely see this segment make more presence.

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