Information security is critical to the success and ongoing viability of the LMG Asset Finance platform, Nodifi. Our core security principle is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information we manage on behalf of our customers and business partners, as well as our own information.

We aim to provide assurance to internal and external stakeholders, and other interested parties, of the ongoing security and privacy of their information entrusted to Nodifi, whether in storage, processing, or transmission. To realise this principle, we are committed to the following security objectives:

  • Maintaining effective security controls to ensure adequate protection of information from misuse, inappropriate modification, loss, or release (accidental or intentional);
  • Maintaining the reputation of the business and eventual compliance with ISO 27001:2022 through best security practices, providing a mechanism for the continual improvement of the information security of all Nodifi information systems and data.
  • Maintaining the broker principle of “keep you safe, save you time” in all security and business operation practices;
  • Promote a consistent and cohesive approach to security management across Nodifi and its systems;
  • Create a culture of high security awareness among all Nodifi employees;
  • Implement the integrity and availability of our platform for customers and business partners;
  • Align to the security requirements of key partners to support the ongoing viability of our core services;
  • Monitor systems and information and investigate possible breaches in a timely and structured manner; and
  • Monitor and measure our performance against our security objectives to ensure the continual improvement of information security practices.

This statement applies to:

  • All full time, part time, temporary or casual Nodifi employees;
  • All contractors engaged by Nodifi;
  • All suppliers providing services to Nodifi; and
  • Any other third parties with a valid reason to access Nodifi information.