Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nodifi provide support in relation to BID?

The Nodifi platform, relationship managers and team of credit specialists all equipped to comply with BID and can provide guidance accordingly. As solutions partner for asset finance, compliance is paramount.

If I submit a full application through Nodifi, will I be able to manage the relationship with my client?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of your client relationships and would never want to compromise that.

I’m not sure about Nodifi just yet but I do have a potential scenario with a client – am I able to submit this?

Of course! We’d be have to provide guidance on your potential asset finance scenario. Just keep in mind that if things were to eventuate through to an application, Nodifi accreditation would be required to lodge your client’s application. Submit your scenario today.

I aggregate via another provider for mortgages – can I still get accredited with Nodifi?

Nodifi is a referral partner and as such, means you are free to use Nodifi’s asset finance solutions for your business.

I don’t have great knowledge on all things asset finance – how does Nodifi provide support in these instances?

The beauty of Nodifi is that you don’t need to know all things asset finance. Once accredited you will provided with a dedicated relationship manager in addition to getting support from Nodifi’s in-house credit specialists. The Nodifi platform is intuitive and provides all the tools to confidently provide top level information to your clients. For anything more complex, the Nodifi team is there to provide guidance. The scenario function is also a great tool to help in these instances.

I’m ready to get accredited with Nodifi! How do I go about it?

Simply head to the following link and complete the details to get accredited. A dedicated relationship manager will then be assigned to you take you through the platform – Nodifi accreditation

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An Extension of our Business.

I couldn’t be happier having Nodifi as a partner. The relationship has provided our business with access to an additional 40+ lenders that specialise in a diverse range of assets.

Damien Barfucci

Director – Entrusted Lending Group

Damien Barfucci Testimonial
Accredited with Australia’s leading asset finance lenders.
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