Instagram (can be) a business tool when used correctly. Although setting up and maintaining an Instagram account is an investment of time – it’s often worth it, but why?

Nodifi delves into Instagram as a business tool:

IG in AU Quick Stats:

  • The largest user group is ages 25 – 34
  • 56.8% of users in Australia are women
  • 71.9% of posts on Instagram are photos
  • 40.8% of the Australia’s population use Instagram
  • The most popular video content is “How-to” tutorials
  • 83% of users discover new products and services on the platform

Reasons why Instagram makes (business) sense

Add Trust

Having a verified Instagram account is another signal that your business is reputable, real, and transparent.

The added window into your business that Instagram offers, allows clients to read your posts and check out your history. Additionally, they can get to know your other customers and business in general.

Direct Traffic to Your Site

When users view your account and posts, you can direct them back to your website. Depending on the business, this can really create a solid stream of revenue as users/followers convert to customers.

For example, you share infographics and blog posts that are on your website. Instagram users will have that as an onramp to your website, via the link in your Instagram bio.

Furthermore, you can share content to your Facebook Business Page and Twitter account directly from Instagram – you’ll just need to make sure these are connected.

Your Competitors Are Likely On Instagram

A large number of businesses are well aware of the benefits to be had on Instagram. Make sure you don’t give away a competitive edge.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing online and what they’re posting. Are their posts accurate and are users gaining something? You might be able to improve on a competitor’s post and offer something more appealing.

Right now, the instant asset tax write-off scheme is big news in the finance industry. How could your clients benefit? Try to create posts on topical news and events.

Attract Talent

Sometimes a forgotten benefit of Instagram is its ability to attract partners and employees. If you’re showing your business to be an exciting place, people can get a look in through Instagram.

When people are looking for work (which a lot of Australians are), Instagram is often a top resource for potential employees to find out what your business’s culture is like.

Additionally, the ability to gain referrals increases too.

Online Reputation

Instagram adds a crucial pillar of online reputation. Taking search engine optimisation into account too, Instagram is a must. Remember that social media pops up on Google search results when people search for you and your business.

A good tip is to keep names and accounts uniform so they direct people to your business and there’s no (or minimal) confusion.

Clients and Users Can Tag You

Social media is a hive for reviews and testimonials. Instagram is no exception. If your clients receive fantastic service, they’ll be able to share their experience and tag you in it.

Although this is similar to other social media platforms, it’s another way people can see your satisfied clients and get insight into how you solve problems.

In Summary

Instagram is a win in business. Setting up and maintaining a lively and up-to-date account can be daunting but not having one at all could be worse. But remember, only consider Instagram if you have the time and resources to do it properly. The only thing worse than not having an account is a poorly used one.

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