Due to the delay in lender processing time frames, application assessments and settlement cut-off dates will largely depend on the chosen lender.

New Applications

To give your application the best chance of settlement before the EOFY, please ensure all new applications and required supporting documents are received no later than 5.00 pm (AEST) Sunday 21 June.

*Please use the current lender time frame guide below when choosing a lender to place the deal with, as this will determine whether the deal has a chance to settle before 30 June.

Every effort will be made to process your application as quickly as possible, but lender assessment queues and processing times are out of our control.

Settlement Cut-Off

Lender settlement time frames are still largely unaffected. For all loans that are required to settle before EOFY, we will require all fully (and accurately) executed loan documents and settlement conditions back before 12pm AEST Friday 26 June.

*Please note, if the deal is with Capital Finance, correctly executed loan documents will need to be back before 5 pm AEST Tuesday 23 June.

Current Lender Time Frames

Please note, this is a GUIDE only, and due to a large number of applications lenders are receiving, these time frames can change daily.

Ratesetter Asset
Assessment: 0-24 hours
Settlement: 2-8 hours

Latitude Asset
Assessment: 0-24 hours
Settlement: 2-8 hours

Assessment: 24-48 hours
Settlement: 2-8 hours

Macquarie (Consumer and Commercial)
Assessment: 48-72 hours
Settlement: 2-8 hours

Pepper (Consumer and Commercial)
Assessment: 3-4 DAYS
Settlements: 2-8 hours

Capital Finance
Assessment: 4+ DAYS
Settlement: 3+ DAYS

Assessment: 4+ DAYS
Settlements: 2-8 hours

Assessment: 10+ DAYS
Settlements: 2-8 hours

Assessment: 7 DAYS
Settlement: 2-8 hours

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