Over a strong long black coffee: Alex delves into the Nodifi platform, in addition to sharing insights on asset finance opportunities and trends

The Melbourne based National Sales Manager joined Nodifi in October 2020. With over a decade of experience in the automotive and asset finance industries, Alex provides some key insights.

Key Insights:

  • Nodifi can provide back-office support or frontline client contact
  • In today’s climate, offering extensive lender options is crucial
  • Maintaining a broker-client relationship is paramount
  • Nodifi provides simple access to lenders
  • Building a future-proof business allows partners to unlock new opportunities

1: In your own words, what is Nodifi?

“At its core, Nodifi is an asset finance solution for dealers and brokers. Nodifi is facilitated through an award-winning online platform. It offers a full suite of lender options with an expert team of specialists backing it up.

Just as crucially, Nodifi allows partners to maintain full control of the customer experience which is of utmost importance in the digital age.”

2: Think back to your first week at Nodifi – what really caught your eye?

“The ease and simplicity of the platform. Finance is notoriously complicated, Nodifi dramatically simplifies things. The fact it’s continuously evolving is a testament to ensuring we provide the best user experience possible

This isn’t overshadowed by the team’s multi-level partner support and I’m incredibly excited to have joined the family and contribute.”

3: What makes Nodifi unique from other asset finance platforms?

“Nodifi was crowned ‘Innovator of the Year’ at The Adviser’s Australian Broking Awards – and for good reason! We aren’t a one-size-fits-all company, but constantly looking for new ways of conducting business ensuring we’re seen as pioneers in this space.

I think Nodifi’s flexibility, and behind-the-scenes support really bolster this. I’ve also noticed that partners love the ability to submit full applications, enabling them to stay in control of their clients.”

4: Why should brokers and car dealers use Nodifi? What’s in it for them?

“Dealers and brokers are often limited to a small number of lenders. Having multiple lenders involves a number of hurdles which only act as barriers to them and their clients.

Nodifi’s solution is access to our entire panel of over 40 consumer and commercial finance providers, whilst still being complementary to our partners’ current financier arrangements. So, our partners use Nodifi in addition to their current lender panel.

This ultimately leads to incremental growth through an increase in finance penetration.”

5: Customer service is paramount for brokers and car dealers – how does Nodifi support this?

“We provide our partners with two main referral options to ensure we cater for different sales models:

– A full submission puts our partners in the driver’s seat and we take on a more back-end processing support role. This see’s brokers and businesses manage their customers’ experience the whole way through.

– Another option is a Tick `n Flick. Here, we handle the entire process with the customer. To ensure the same level of customer service is provided, we give constant live progress updates to keep everyone up to speed and treat the customer as we’d like to be treated.

So, partners can deal with their clients themselves, using Nodifi only as support or let Nodifi take the reins and deal directly with the client.”

6: The Federal Government is doing a lot to stimulate the economy. Are we seeing any benefits? What do you think 2021 holds for asset finance?

“2020 saw many Australians electing to put loans / mortgages on hold and access early-release superannuation as a means to ride through the volatility.

Some of the new proposed lending reforms are an attempt to mitigate the unsurprising “risk aversion” in Finance & Banking. However, financier measures implemented during COVID have continued and some will no doubt remain in place for the foreseeable future as financiers will still look to protect their interests.

I expect 2021 to bring about a new “abnormal”, meaning it will be even more important to have more options available to customers.”

7: What challenges do Nodifi partners face and how can they overcome them?

“Nodifi partners, and everyone in our industry, face some uncertainty around future changes to the financial services industry.

One thing that is for certain: we are committed to working with our business partners to ensure we not only keep up with regulations, but also future-proof businesses to ensure a sustainable model remains intact. Nodifi helps partners avoid stagnation and remain ready to pounce on all opportunities, fast.”

8: Finally, complete this sentence: The key to a successful Nodifi partnership is…

“…Recognising our partners goals as our own. This plays a major role in how we work together to achieve success. Nodifi only grows with our partners’ success so we always treat them as just that – our ‘partners’, not ‘customers’.”

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