It’s those go-to online resources that really make a workday that much smoother.

We take a look at some nifty online resources that can really help you and your team.

Here are five top online resources that can take your business to the next level.

Get short, custom branded URL links – Rebrandly

What it does
Rebrandly allows you to shorten and custom-brand lengthy web links. For example, changing the following:


To something much shorter and user friendly:

Or even custom:

These shortened URLs can be used on social media, in email marketing or even printed material.

For those data-driven users, Rebrandly allows you to track link clicks, with the ability to segment based on user location.

Rebrandly also has an option to create QR codes and other technical link management. For those new to the idea, there is a large number of support channels like video tutorials.

Why it’s useful
Rebrandly is a cost effective solution that promotes business credibility through custom branded short links. Simply purchase a new domain via Rebrandly (something similar to your business name and/or original domain name), and you’re good to go.

Varies depending on the cost of the new domain. Most relevant domains will be between US$2 to US$40 per year – bargain!


  • Share the shortened, neat and memorable links across all online channels
  • Take time to create links that are attractive to your audience

Get instant income calculations – JAWS

What it does
Calculating someone’s income, take-home pay, tax and gross income can be tough – something that is commonplace when liaising with clients. The JAW’s calculator provides these figures instantly.

Why it’s useful
When you need to convert a salary to weekly, monthly, yearly etc., JAW’s can provide all those calculations by simply entering one salary i.e., fortnightly pay which is then converted to weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly – instantly.

It uses updated tax rates too, and includes the 2% Medicare levy and low income tax offset.

You’ll only need to input one figure to calculate all other fields. I.e., enter only a weekly take-home amount to see gross annual income and tax amount.


To get more detailed results, check out the following: MoneySmart calculator

Get data on search volume – Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner

What it does
Google Trends provides insights on Google search volumes, providing valuable information on how your potential audience is finding your business (or other related businesses) online. It’s also a great tool for determining blog content topics that are likely to attract high traffic.

For example, find out how often Queenslanders search for ‘car finance’, or how often Australians search for ‘lowest loan rate’.

Google Keyword Planner is similar, often used to determine highly searched terms and their respective ad bid estimates, for the purpose of running Google ads.

Why it’s useful
Ranking in search engine results is paramount to attracting new business. These tools help with your SEO strategy. For example, if you write a blog about ‘up and coming suburbs’, you’ll be able to make sure you use the optimal keywords needed to elevate its Google Page Rank.

Google Trends – Free
Google Keyword Planner – Free


  • Make sure settings are for Australia as it can default to the United States
  • Try to avoid using broad search terms. For example, ‘loan’ is too general and will have considerable competition

Get graphic design templates – Canva

What it does
Canva is an online one-stop-shop for marketing asset needs. Although not as comprehensive as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, there are still a huge number of options and tools available. Canva allows you to resize and edit images. For example, add text over a photo, darken an image or crop and resize to suit social media best practices.

Canva also has numerous templates available for different applications – brochures, social media, videos, infographics and much more.

Why it’s useful
Canva is a simple to use and access platform, perfect for anyone time-constrained who needs marketing assets for a business (or personal use). You can upload your own images or select from the platform’s library.

Free option: 250,000+ free templates, hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics, 5GB of cloud storage

Pro ($13.74 per month): Same as ‘free option’, plus 75+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio and graphics, 420,000+ free templates with new designs daily, 100GB of cloud storage, schedule social media content to 8 platforms.

Enterprise option ($46.00 / month per person): Same as ‘pro option’, plus built-in workflows to get approval on your designs, unlimited storage, 24/7 Enterprise-level support.


  • Make sure to have a quick play around with Canva to get your bearing on how it works
  • Use Canva’s premade social media templates to abide by posting best practices

Get an appointment scheduling tool – Calendly

What it does
This platform allows you to offer your clients an online appointment scheduling tool. Through Calendly, users can select a preferred time and date for an appointment, such as a callback, face to face or virtual meeting.

Calendly will add it into your calendar automatically. The front facing user interface also displays only your available dates/times, ensuring you don’t get double-booked.

Clients (and potential clients) can access Calendly via a link you share in an email or on your website. You can automate reminders and follow-ups too.

Why it’s useful
In a world where people prefer ‘self-service’ type options, Calendly does exactly that – it alleviates the need for a client to call or email for an appointment, allowing clients to lock in an appointment instantly.

Free: 1 calendar connection per user

Premium (US$8 / month): 2 calendar connections per user, custom email notifications, the ability to hide Calendly branding, live chat support.

Pro (US$12 / month): 6 calendar connections per user, same as ‘Premium’, plus auto communications, custom SMS notifications, customisable colours, and more.

Enterprise (pricing per plan): 6 calendar connections per user, same as ‘Pro’, plus phone support, designated customer success, individualised onboarding and training, and more.


  • If you find yourself getting a large number of appointments, add a 15-minute buffer between appointments
  • Along with the Calendly scheduling link, advise people on what to prepare (i.e., personal details and bank statements)
  • Integrate Calendly with your Google business listing

At the end of the day

There’s an online solution for just about anything these days and making the most of them can really save time and money.

Often free and simple to use, online resources can make up a huge part of a businesses’ toolkit. Implementing some of the tools listed above is a simple step of elevating your business to the next level.

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