Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase productivity, however, despite the range of resources available, finding the right one can be tough.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best productivity apps that can help you and your team streamline processes and ultimately increase productivity,

Starting the list with an old one but a good one, Calendly is a scheduling tool that allows people to schedule an appointment with you straight into your calendar – extremely handy in an online world.

Simply create a personalised link that integrates with your calendar and send it to your clients. They’ll then be able to view available times and select one for a phone call, Zoom meeting or any option you’d like to offer (e.g., coffee meeting).

The unique link can be added to your email/email signature, added to your website or sent via a text message.

Importantly, you can set rules on appointment times, for example, buffer times between appointments and available times and days, along with appointment length.

Available on web, iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • Simple use for businesses and clients
  • Professional appearance and use case

Costs (USD)

  • FREE: 1 Calendly connection, unlimited one-off meetings
  • $8 / month: 2 Calendly connections, unlimited one-off meetings, links in confirmation pages (e.g., payment page), group events, metrics and reporting
  • $12 / month: 6 Calendly connections, same as above option, notifications, workflows 
  • $16 / month: 6 Calendly connections, same as above options, this option is designed for team use
  • Enterprise (POA): 6 Calendly connections, same as above options, this option is customisable

The name means; ‘If This, Then That’. This app has both inside and outside work potential as it integrates with over 700 apps.

IFTTT is an automation tool that seamlessly connects different apps and online experiences.

Example: IF it’s going to rain tomorrow, THEN remind me to call and postpone all face-to-face clients.

Or, IF you make a call to a client, THEN THAT call is logged on a spreadsheet.

You can even tell it to notify you if the International Space Station is above you – as we mentioned, there are non-work related uses too.

The ultimate goal of IFTTT is to connect apps and automate processes, in turn increasing productivity.

You can set up your own automations as required by first selecting a trigger, like a specific hashtag you use on social media. Then, choose an action, for example, a notification, calendar event or data entry. Lastly, name the automation – which IFTTT calls an ‘Applet’.

Available on iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • Integrates with a massive number of applications
  • Simplifies social media by automating posts
  • Set-and-forget data entry use cases

Costs (AUD)

  • FREE: 5 Applets
  • $7.10 / month: 20 Applets, multi-action Applets, customer support
  • $15 / month: unlimited Applets, filter codes, developer tools, multiple accounts

If getting other people on the same page quickly is an issue for you or your team, this digital mind mapping tool might be the perfect solution.

It’s a web-based, cross-platform app that helps you capture and visualise your ideas, develop them, and share them (visually) with others. MindMeister can be used for brainstorming, planning projects, taking notes, and more. You can also add YouTube videos, images or links to websites in the event you want to share examples.

The app works on both an individual level and amongst teams. 

Mind mapping means brainstorming ideas and connecting them in a way to make them work, integrate or otherwise flow correctly into action while weeding out problems.

MindMeister aims to make this concept simple and shareable – and visual.

Available on web, iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • Well-designed templates
  • Mind maps can be easily printed, exported or shared
  • Helpful for brainstorming with team members working in other locations

Costs (AUD)

  • FREE: Up to 3 mind maps, share, collaborate
  • $7.49 / month: Unlimited mind maps, everything in above, file and image attachments, PDF export and printing
  • $12.49 / month: Same as above, multiple team members, admin account, Word and PowerPoint export
  • $18.99 / month: Same as above, groups within team, compliance exports and backups, multiple admins, email and phone support

Based on the book Getting Things Done by David Allen, FacileThings is a task prioritising app that helps users by… getting things done.

The ‘GTD’ method works on a five-step principle: capture, clarify, organise, review, do.

FacileThings guides users through the process of learning the GTD method and helps incorporate the productive habits into daily routines. These daily tasks can be prioritised over a weekly basis too.

If your Sunday evenings are spent wondering what you have to do the following Monday morning (and dreading it), FacileThings is a good option. You’ll also be able to review progress with metrics and reports.

FacileThings can integrate with a number of third-party apps like Evernote, Twitter, Dropbox and Google calendar.

Available on web, iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • Uses expert research from David Allen
  • Ideal for busy finance brokers
  • Encourages users to continually improve their work routines rather than maintain a good one

Costs (USD)

  • FREE: Trial version for 30 days
  • $12 / month: No lock in contract
  • $9 / month: 3 month subscription
  • $8 / month: 6 month subscription
  • $7 / month: 12 month subscription

Krisp is a noise cancelling service for real-time video and data calls. Working with literally hundreds of communication tools, including big names like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams, Krisp uses AI to remove all kinds of background noises.

Krisp can remove background noise from your microphone and the audio you’re listening to in a call so other people can hear you more clearly and you can hear them more clearly.

The premise behind Krisp came about during the pandemic as more people were relying on video calls and/or data calls and, of course, working from home meant meeting-derailing background noise.

As per the website demonstrations, Krisp almost completely blocks out disturbances such as barking dogs, crying infants, street noise and room echos. If you’re on a call with multiple people and one participant is not talking but is in a noisy area, you won’t need to ask them to mute themselves – Krisp handles it.

Krisp is available on Windows and Mac desktop.

Key features

  • Ensures higher quality, professional audio when calling from noisy places
  • Simple floating widget allows users to toggle controls during a call
  • Recording feature

Costs (USD)

  • FREE: 120 minutes / week, 1 GB audio recordings storage, virtual background, power saving mode
  • $5 / month: Unlimited noise removal, 10 GB audio recordings storage, same as above
  • $5 / month / user (designed for team use): Unlimited noise removal, priority support, team management, same as above
  • Enterprise (contact for pricing): Same as above, VIP support, management API, business reviews, dedicated customer success manager

If your email inbox clogs up each day or you perhaps leave a Gmail tab open and watch the numbers increase as the day goes by, Spark can help.

Spark aims to intelligently prioritise emails, especially those important messages from real people. You can pin and reply to those, and batch archive the rest.

The smart inbox automatically categorises emails from every account assigned to it meaning you don’t get distracted by ads or unimportant CCs for example. Spark will notify you when you receive an email from a prioritised contact and can snooze others.

Users can also assign emails to specific team members so the right person is always updated and in the loop and schedule emails to send them when people are most likely to read them – for example a client on a lunch break.

Spark can bring multiple accounts together like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.

Furthermore, the free version is extremely generous with features.

Available for Mac, iOS and Android.

Key features

  • Familiar email interface doesn’t take much getting used to
  • Team collaboration (multiple team members can work on the same email at the same time)
  • Seamless integration with other apps / platforms (eg. Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, and Google Drive)

Costs (USD)

  • FREE: 5 GB total for team (file storage), five email templates, standard secure link sharing, two active collaborators on email drafts
  • $7.99 / month: 10 GB per team member (file storage), unlimited active collaborators on email drafts, unlimited shared inboxes and email delegation, priority support

To summarise

Incorporating new technology to a business can be a fiddly process – but it’s not a long process.

Fortunately, the productivity apps listed are designed to be a smooth and streamlined process when first getting started.

Often, users comment how they can’t imagine how they got along without it, so take a few moments to decide which one (or ones) would be best suited to ironing out your work routine.

It’s over to you to try out the solutions that you think have something to offer and find the best suite of tools that complement your working style.

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