DIY is big business in Australia. Saturday morning trips to hardware stores – complete with a sausage in bread – are a staple of Australian lifestyles.

We take a look at how this do-it-yourself (DIY) lifestyle is affecting consumer vehicle choices and go over why DIY content is ideal for brokers and car dealers.

The DIY space in general

Perth-based conglomerate Wesfarmers, which owns Bunnings, Kmart, Target, Officeworks and online retailer Catch, reports that Bunnings makes up 55% of its earnings. That equates to $14.9bn a year in turnover from Bunnings. Tools and building supplies supporting DIY is big business in Australia.

Australia’s interest in DIY doesn’t start and stop at hardware stores. Research by Westpac shows some interesting figures;

31% of Australian homeowners are looking to renovate in the short-term
23% of renovators are doing so in preparation to sell
NSW / ACT renovators are planning to spend $93,427 on average on renovations
51% of renovators say they have been inspired by TV shows like The Block

Bunnings also reports that interest in their DIY online content has grown at around 63% each year.

The COVID pandemic has been kind to the DIY industry.

In 2020 and 2021, with restrictions in place, Australians spent more time at home and more time improving their homes. Data from online tradie directory, Hipages, shows that during the pandemic, requests for lawn mowing services dropped by 85%, requests for home cleaning dropped by 60% and requests for bathroom renovations dropped by 66%. However, skip bin hire is up 27%.

The downturn in tradie requests shows that Australians are allocating more time and resources for DIY.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reflect the interest in the country’s spending on hardware, building and gardening supplies peaked at $2.12 billion in May, 2020.

Spending on hardware, building and gardening supplies in 2021

  • January – up 0.4% ($5.9m)
  • February – up 1.8% ($26.6m)
  • March – up 1.9% ($36.5m)

DIY impact on vehicles

It’s no secret that utes and SUVs make up huge sales numbers in Australia. In fact, the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger have been the country’s two top sellers for half a decade now. Utes and SUVs made up over 50% of all vehicle purchases in 2020.

One of the reasons – and key selling points – is cargo space. The ability to carry large, awkward items is becoming a prerequisite for car buyers.

April, 2021’s vehicle sales figures from VFACTS show trends aren’t changing. In highest-selling order;

  • Ford Ranger
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Landcruiser Wagon
  • Mitsubishi Triton

Make the most of Australia’s DIY enthusiasm

With Australia’s booming love for DIY, it should come as no surprise that it acts as a great topic of conversation with your social networks, and client database.


How-to guides garnish huge interest and readership online. Writing a blog about DIY related topics and then sharing it on social media is one simple way to get your followers engaged, further promoting brand awareness for your business.

Topic ideas might include;

  • How Renovations Can Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Safety Gear All DIY Enthusiasts Need
  • The Best Kitchen Trends of 2021
  • How to Redraw on a Home Loan for Renovations
  • How to Protect Your Car’s Paint When Off-road


If your business sends regular marketing emails to your database, adding some content relating to DIY can really add variety. This could be a simple tip, a review on a certain tool or product, or link to one of the above mentioned blogs.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all offer channels to engage and promote brand awareness. There are more ways than one.

Sharing posts
Sharing posts from DIY specialists like Bunnings is another quick and simple way to engage with your clients and keep your name in mind.

Make your own posts
Crafting your own social media posts using high quality images is another simple way to engage with DIY enthusiasts. For example, create a post listing best lacquer and varnish drying times and conditions. A simple product comparison is easily digested when scrolling through news feeds.

Your DIY projects
If you undertake any DIY projects yourself, document the progress on social media and share it with your clients.


Offering hardware store vouchers (think Bunnings or Supercheap Auto) upon settled deals is another surefire way to keep your clients happy. An attractive post or email promotion complete with DIY-related imagery can engage with large audiences.

Recapping the importance of DIY

DIY is an excellent way for brokers and car dealers to engage with clients. The DIY industry demands vehicles that can transport building supplies and equipment. While content around finance for projects, and insights on property market trends are other great ways to engage with the masses.

Unlike some topics, DIY has a direct connection with vehicles and mortgages, making it a great topic of conversation.

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