01 Jun, 2020

The best free email marketing platforms

Email marketing has always been a long-established ‘top dog’ in marketing channels. Customer engagement / retention, sales, advertising and data collection are some of the boxes a good email platform ticks. Did you know - a whopping 87% of B2B marketing teams use emails to engage their audiences? But it can be challenging…

Efficient tools for creating striking and engaging content that stands out from the rest of the inbox bunch is key. With these top free email marketing platforms, your business will be well on its way to accomplishing your marketing goals.


An email marketing classic. Mailchimp’s grinning chimp logo is like Nike to shoes or Toyota to cars. The platform, founded in 2001, has countless versions of refinement and experience in bringing email marketing tools to the masses. Mainly targeted at small businesses, Mailchimp is easy to get a hang of with its simple storage and file access. Users appreciate the order confirmation emails and abandoned cart reminders along with other buyer journey steps.

How can it help me?
Mailchimp is for any business with ‘a lot on their plate’. Easy drop-and-drag tools, social media options and automation processes are made for the ‘not-so-pro’. The smart recommendations feature really backs this up - you’ll get audience insights along the way.

Free Plan Details: 10,000 emails for up to 2000 subscribers per month.


This platform considers itself more of a multi-channel option. With simple and modern user interfaces, SendPulse stands out in statistics and data tracking. For example, the classic A/B email marketing technique of using two different batches for testing along with SMS integration and simple connection with the socials are huge selling points. 

How can it help me?
Another one for those in a rush with running a business, the interface is professional and easy to use. SendPulse will help if you’re data driven and familiar with responding to trends and customer behavior. For example, emails can be sent out based on user triggers as well as simply timing them on a certain day. You can personalise emails as per demographic of your customers, again making this platform a hit with data-lovers.

Free Plan Details: 15,000 emails and 2500 subscribers per month.


Sender is super popular with email marketing enthusiasts - it’s easy to see why. Creativity is the punchline with this platform. Note that the free option has all features included so you’ll be able to make the most of Sender full steam ahead without missing any awesome features the paid version has.

How can it help me?
Again; creativity. If your business is a little on the quirky side or targeting a niche market, Sender can allow you to really show your design flare. Building buyer profiles based on an array of options allows your creativity to target the correct customer at the correct time. Data is also visually appealing which helps with newsletters and ecommerce.

Free Plan Details: 15,000 emails and 2500 subscribers monthly.


New to the email marketing game? This one may be for you. Mailjet has professionally pre-designed templates with a simple batch of customisation tools. Mailjet emails are easy to optimise for a huge range of devices from laptops, tablets and smartphones. The platform boasts 130,000 companies using their services, including some big names. 

How can it help me?
Teamwork. Mailjet has a solid collaboration setup that allows users to share tasks in real time. Working in an office environment? Mailjet might be the answer with its sharing capabilities. CRM management is also simply integrated with no messy, multiple dashboards. There are developer tools too with seamless API integration.

Free Plan Details: Unlimited contacts and 6000 emails monthly.


Unlimited emails is the brag here. EmailOctopus is a simple platform that allows for equally simple and sleek designs for users and readers on the go or with a not-so-tech savvy background. Note that the free option doesn’t offer as many features as some email marketing competitors but, as mentioned, you won't have limits on emails. 

How can it help me?
EmailOctopus can rocket your business in the right direction with the right customer base. Think of time and patience-limited customers assessing emails that load quickly with simplicity. For the more tech-savvy makerteer, EmailOctopus integrates with third-party software, like WordPress for example. 

Free Plan Details: 2500 subscribers and unlimited emails per month.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho is another big name in marketing tech. Many people are using it without even knowing due to its SaaS. What’s ‘Sass’? It stands for ‘Software as a Service’ and provides users with the ability to connect to and use cloud-based apps online. Calendar and office tools are a good example. Zoho allows you to integrate SaaS with emails and provides some pretty solid templates for users who are new to the platform.

How can it help me?
Get creative and track your customer movement with Zoho. You can compare and test different marketing strategies and build your campaigns on what works as per Zoho’s extensive analytics. Integrating the SaaS features is, of course, the standout so make sure you take advantage of these features with Zoho.

Free Plan Details: 2000 subscriptions and up to 12,000 emails monthly.

End of the day…

All these email marketing platforms offer amazing features, simple user interfaces and amazingly effective FREE options. Make sure to check out their respective websites before committing to one as learning several can cost time and (therefore) money.

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