After the ‘once in a lifetime’ year that was 2020, many are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2021. But before we sink our teeth into the year ahead, we should all enjoy some me time – or time with loved ones – to properly recharge for what’s to come.

Here are some of our top picks:

1: Eco Retreat

A self-contained, environmentally friendly cabin in the wilderness – it doesn’t take much to see the appeal of eco retreats. The natural “glamping” experience is an amazing way to get out of the city and suburbs and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Australian bush. Most glampers report the mind-boggling starry night skies as one of the most memorable aspects.

Eco retreats are semi-permanent structures in remote, picturesque areas that cause little impact to the natural environment using recycled materials wherever possible. Most have large windows and areas that open up to the scenic landscape.

Time away from modern communications like emails, texts and phone calls – yes please!

2: Road Trip

The beauty of a road trip in Australia is seeing the countryside slowly change as you pass through. Naturally, the right car and right passengers make a big difference to the enjoyment of a road trip so a bit of planning can go a long way.

No matter your location, a road trip even several hours long (or less) can have you and your family seeing changing landscapes, from deserts and forests, to rolling hills and coastlines.

Make sure to take a few snacks and games for any slow parts if your passengers are prone to getting bored.

3: Binge Watching

One for the not-so-active, binge watching a series is a great idea to take your mind away from your work routine.

Netflix and / or Stan are a good starting point. Make sure to scour the internet for online reviews and plot descriptions to make sure the series is ‘binge worthy’ for you.

To get you started, here are some of the top rated series on Netflix / Stan:

  • The Witcher – Fantasy
  • Schitt’s Creek – Comedy
  • Orange Is the New Black – Comedy-drama
  • Beasts of No Nation – War
  • Stranger Things – Sci-Fi

The challenge? Trying not to get hooked for months on end – a challenge we’re not very good at…

4: Take a Hike

Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to nature and outdoor activities. While the heat of summer might not be the ideal hiking/walking conditions, there are some amazing coastal walks that can conclude with a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Some top hiking trails in Australia:

  • Near Perth: Bibbulmun Track, south-west WA coastline.
  • Near Adelaide: Heysen Trail, Australia’s longest walking trail.
  • Near Melbourne: Great Ocean Walk, follows the Great Ocean Road coastal area.
  • Near Sydney: Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, eastern Sydney coastal areas.
  • Near Brisbane: Fraser Island Great Walk, across the world’s largest sand island – Fraser Island

If you’re not at your ‘physical peak’, a simple walk along the beach is a great way to change the scenery and get some fresh air.

5: Take a [fun] Short Course

Why not recharge by adding new skills and new information to your mind? Short courses in an area of your interest are a great no-pressure way to recharge for 2021. Choose something non-work related that doesn’t involve tests and assessments to make sure you can really enjoy it.

These courses range from a few hours to a few days and can be completed online or in person – depending on the topic and whether you want to interact with other participants/lecturers.

Some top short courses:

  • Winemaking
  • Yoga
  • Web design
  • Home DIY
  • Dessert making
  • BBQ smoking

These short courses could enhance how you spend your most enjoyable pastimes.

6: Creative DIY

To some, this may seem like more hassle than it’s worth but creative DIY is a great idea for those with artistic and creative flair.

It means making something bespoke for your home or someone you care about. For example, framing and hanging your own paintings, making your own cushions, building a bird feeder or a wine rack out of driftwood.

You never know, you might even uncover a new side hustle.

Bring on 2021!

Whatever and however you choose to refresh and recharge, Nodifi hopes 2021 proves to be a fruitful year ahead for all partners. As for the team at Nodifi, one or two of these will certainly be getting a run as we recharge for 2021!

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