The October long weekend is upon us (finally)! For many Australians, it’s been sometime between long weekends so, needless to say, excitement levels are high. Plans can stack and so can the need to fill some free time.

We take a look at some getaways and ‘stay-at-homes’ perfectly suited for the long weekend (sorry VIC, WA, NT and TAS!). However, our friends in Victoria and Western Australia need not be jealous, with both states enjoying a public holiday within the last week.

The October long weekend across the nation

Here’s a rundown of the October 4 holiday per state / territory.

Location Holiday
NSW Labour Day
ACT Labour Day
SA Labour Day
QLD Queen’s Birthday
VIC No holiday
(AFL Grand Final Eve – Friday 24 September)
WA No holiday
(Queen’s Birthday – Monday 27 September)
NT No holiday
TAS No holiday

Getaway (if you can)

For those with the option to travel locally (and with the long weekend ahead), here are some awesome getaway destinations, perfect during this time of the year.

Regional NSW/ACT – White Sands Walk in Jervis Bay

Located around 3 hours south of Sydney

Should COVID restrictions permit, fresh air and exercise coupled with stunning scenery is always a win, otherwise, pencil it in for a future date.

Some words that describe the White Sands Walk (if the name doesn’t give it away); aqua blue ocean, dolphins, picnics, ocean views, seals and fresh air and exercise.

If the above appeals, get down to Jervis Bay this long weekend. The actual walk is around 2.5km and takes just under an hour one way, however, most walkers spend longer enjoying the stunning coastal views.

Expect a ‘forest meets the sea’ kind of feeling as you wind our way through some remote beaches known for their… white sands.

The track is considered easy with a few steps at some points.

QLD – Lamington National Park

Located around 1.5 hours south of Brisbane

Keeping inline with the outdoors and fresh air theme of the above getaways, Lamington National Park offers it all.

The World Heritage-listed national park consists of Australian lush rainforests and spectacular views accessed by walking tracks. Dramatic lookouts offer views of the Gold Coast and northern NSW, which is located just south of the park.

If you’ve noticed the QLD / NSW border is ruler straight on the western and central parts, but becomes bumpy on the east, it’s Lamington National Park’s mountains to thank. Expect misty mountains and a lot of green at this time of year.

In October, temperatures are typically in the low 20s, making things not too hot or too cold for visits.

SA – Hire a houseboat / explore the Riverland

Located 2-3 hours northeast of Adelaide

South Australia’s Riverland is a vast area offering luxury accommodation with all the amenities one could need, unexplored off-the-beaten track wilderness and everything in between.

Covering 9,386 square kilometres along the Murray River, the area hosts wineries, camping hotspots, first-class restaurants and a mild, inviting temperate climate in October.

Hiring a houseboat is one of the best ways to experience SA’s Riverland. Most boats accommodate 6-12 people and prices can fall as low as $30 per night in some cases. All you’ll need is an unrestricted driver’s licence to operate one and you’ll get a ‘driving’ (sailing) lesson prior to departure.

Secure parking is available at hire locations.

Think sizzling BBQs as the sun sets over the river lined with gumtrees.

NSW/ACT – DIY at home

DIY is big business in Australia and the options are almost endless. With NSW/ACT travel restrictions in place – and for those without getaway plans this long weekend – these stay at home ideas might be of interest.

Build a vegetable garden

This is easier than it may sound. Basically, it’s an enclosed veggie patch within your garden.

You’ll need

  • Hardwood sleepers
  • Screws
  • Measuring tape
  • Garden stakes or sleeper pegs
  • Saw
  • Marking spray paint
  • Shovel
  • Soil
  • Seeds

Step 1. Find an area suitable. It’ll need sunlight and easy access.

Step 2. Cut the wood into four appropriately sized pieces in order to make a frame. The size should be suited to your garden. Connect the frame with the screws.

Step 3. Mark out the location with the spray paint by using the frame as a guide. With the frame out of the way, use the shovel to dig a small trench in order to secure the frame in. You’ll want about 50mm or so of the frame sticking out of the ground. 

Step 4. With the frame in the trench, fill in the dirt around the edges to secure it. Use the stakes or sleeper pegs to make sure it’s held in place, this will help in the event of heavy rain too.

Step 5. Fill in the inside of the frame (turned box) with soil. Ideally, the soil will be optimised for the type of plants you’re planning to grow. Check with your local nursery for ideas.

Tip: If transporting bags of soil in a vehicle, put some rags or sheets down to protect from any spills.

Step 6. Plant the seeds as per instructions on the packet and you’re done!

Optional: Some garden nurseries supply informative plastic tags labelling the seed type. Position these near where you’ve planted your seeds so you’ll know what’s flowering and where. Especially important if you plant different types of seeds.

Epoxy resin table

These tables look amazing and offer a great weekend project. Popular designs include lava rivers and beach scenes. The idea of DIY epoxy resin tables has become hugely popular recently.

How it works

Epoxy resin is an adhesive that dries hard and transparent, similar to glass. The tables work by filling gaps between wood (or plastic) to create a ‘river’ or body of water. 

resin table

resin table2

There are quite a few steps and things to consider when making an epoxy resin table, so we’ll just cover the basics.

Two wooden boards are positioned side by side longways, about 10cm apart. A plastic panel, secured underneath, holds the boards in place and prevents the liquid resin from leaking.

Additional plastic panelling is secured to the sides on the project and coloured resin is carefully poured in the gap between the two wooden boards. Sometimes, artists add toy fish or the like within the resin, creating a more detailed scene.

When dry, the plastic panelling is removed and the boards are secured with the dried resin. The transparent, coloured resin forms the river.


  • Choose the right sided wood for your table
  • Follow the instructions on the mixing and application of the resin carefully
  • Unsure the resin dries in the optimal conditions to avoid bubbles

Enjoy the October long weekend

If none of the above appeal to you, some ‘me’ time on the couch might. Check out what the team watches in their downtime for some inspiration!

On behalf of the Nodifi team, here’s to having an enjoyable October long (or short) weekend!

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