Over a strong coffee: Dave delves into the importance of software development, the current demand for technology and the ever-evolving consumer expectations.

With his [extensive] background in software engineering and application development, Dave is responsible for ensuring the Nodifi platform looks, feels, delivers (and works) the way all users expect.

The Chief Technology Officer is well known for his drive, persistence and vision – things crucial to Nodifi and partners.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology empowers brokers to scale their volume and increase efficiency
  • Consumers are happiest when they can complete their loan application in their own time, and on their terms
  • Today, technology is much more efficient in the way it integrates with data
  • The future is ‘machine learning’, building software that builds software
  • Advancements in technology offer competitive advantages to those who embrace them

1. Firsty, for those who aren’t super confident with technology, can you explain your and your team’s role in the development of Nodifi’s technology?

I lead the Nodifi web development team. We build the company’s web-based solutions like the Nodifi cloud platform that you login to in your browser, the server-side application that powers it, the API that connects the two, and a host of other web-based services.

*API: Application Programming Interface, a connection between computers or between computer programs.

2. It’s clear that self-service is becoming more expected while human interactions less of a necessity in our industry – is this something brokers should embrace?

Absolutely. Technology, like Nodifi, empowers brokers to scale their volume and increase the speed that they can write loans.

3. How does the Nodifi platform support self-service?

The ‘Invite Applicant’ feature is a good example. The bulk of the applicant’s data population is performed by the applicant. Applicants are happy because they can complete their app in their own time and on their terms. The brokers love it because they can move on to their next deal while they wait for the applicant’s data to come through.

4. You’ve been in the technology space for over 15 years now – how has it changed over the years?

Web apps are much more versatile/modular these days. They are designed around responsive interfaces that work on all sorts of devices, and they are much more efficient in the way they work with data.

5. Is the finance industry keeping up with the pace of consumer demands from a technology standpoint?

When an applicant can get a loan by clicking a single button, they’ll be happy. Until then, we’ll keep trying.

Technology, and the way people interact with it, is something that is always evolving so we take that same approach – always evolve.

6. Where do you see technology trends heading in the future?

I hear terms like ‘machine learning’ a lot these days. Building software that builds software. What a time to be alive.

7: You’ve touched on the importance of technology, but how about brokers who don’t adapt?

Adaptability is important in any industry. Advancements in technology offer competitive advantages to those who embrace them.

Don’t get left behind and reach out to Nodifi if you need some help using the platform.

8: Finally, complete this sentence: Partners wishing to leverage technology for their asset finance offering should…

Engage in the initial training. It really benefits those who understand how to use our technology.

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