30 Jan, 2020

Broker Bootcamps to hit Melbourne and Sydney

Nodifi to kick off 2020 with broker bootcamps

Nodifi is set to launch its first self-hosted broker bootcamps, kicking off in Melbourne on Wednesday the 26th of February, followed by Sydney on Thursday March 5.

Nodifi's broker bootcamp will provide a crash course to the world of asset finance, and why it'll prove to be a point of difference for mortgage brokers in 2020 and beyond, plus shine the light on its asset finance platform.

The boootcamps are aimed at mortgage brokers and dealers alike, looking to explore the horizons of the asset finance industry. For many, asset finance is considered to be "low hanging fruit", and a rather simple way to diversify income streams. 

Unlike mortgages, asset finance deals don't carry trail commissions, however do prove to be more fruitful in regards to revenue per time spent on a deal. On average, it takes 18 hours to complete a home loan deal, equating to a return of $186 per hour. In comparison, an average asset finance deal takes 2.5 hours to complete, equating to a return of $395 per hour.

With such a high return for a short investment of time, it's no wonder more and more are looking to cash in on asset finance.

Melbourne Broker Bootcamp presented by Nodifi
When: 26 February 2020
Time: 9am – 11am
Where: Ante Room, Bells Hotel, 157 Moray Street, South Melbourne
CPD points: 2 hours

Sydney Broker Bootcamp presented by Nodifi
When: 5 March 2020
Time: 9am – 11am
Where: Christie Spaces, 100 Walker Street, North Sydney
CPD points: 2 hours

For those interested in attending, please get in touch with your state based Business Development Manager.

Shane Moloney
Business Development Manager - VIC
0455 594 854

Marcus Feasey
Business Development Manager - NSW
0447 981 618

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