As Australia warms up and enters the silly season, the demand for certain assets increases. Nodifi takes a look at some not-so-silly assets for your clients in the led up to summer.

According to Peter Holman, Head of Partnerships at Nodifi, buyers come out in warm weather.

He explains; “With more downtime during the Christmas and New Year period, people tend to try and get their finances in order, which can often lead to exploring new buying ventures – home buying and asset finance are generally the beneficiaries. Asset finance benefits from vehicles and leisure assets, with people looking to travel and enjoy their time off.”

“I expect noticeable rises in caravan and camper trailer sales coupled with sales of vehicles with towing ability and high practicality. This year, we’ve got the added bonus of the instant asset write-off and those coming out of COVID hibernation who may have postponed asset purchases” Mr. Holman adds.

Here are some top selling assets that see increasing popularity at the end of the year:


Caravans have always had a huge force driving their sales in Australia. Brands like Jayco, A’van and New Age Caravans offer products suited to couples and families and off-road enthusiasts.

  • Off Road Caravans
    Off-roading and the 4×4 community in general has seen a huge increase in popularity in Australia over the last several years. Manufacturers know this. There are dozens of examples ready for the Aussie outback. The AOR Quantum, Track Trailer T4 and Sunland Phoenix are prime candidates for clients keen on off-road leisure vehicles.

Camper Trailers

These assets solve the high price issue of caravans. Keeping inline with Australia’s thirst for adventure, there are off-road options too. Here are a few popular mentions:

  • Walkabout Campers – From $6000
  • Jayco Eagle Outback – From $28,990
  • Cub Campers Frontier – From $35,990


Boats go hand-in-hand with summer. Financing these large-ticket assets always sees increases at the beginning of summer. Jet skis also offer options for clients concerned with storage. Nodifi offers a range of financing options for marine craft.


The popularity of SUVs has been evident in car sales since the late 90’s. That trend continues as per the figures above and below. SUVs with pulling power and ‘kid-transport’ ability often see an increase in the lead up to summer as they tick daily-driving, holiday and caravanning / camper trailer boxes.

When ‘workhorse’ requirements outweigh ‘kid-transport’ ability, utes answer the call. As seen in the figures, utes remain popular with Australians.

Nodifi provides competitive rates on SUV and ute finance.

2019 Comparison Australia wide:
Here’s a quick look back at this time last year. Stand-out stats on popular vehicle sales Australia wide from November 2019 to December 2019.

Nov 2019 Sales
Dec 2019 Sales   Increase  
SUVs and Utes:
Toyota HiLux 3687 3917 6.2%
Mitsubishi ASX 1027 2091 103.6%
Isuzu D-Max 1438 1880 30.7%
Mazda CX-5 1735 1828 5.3%
Toyota LC Prado 1204 1390 15.4%
Mercedes X-Class 176 226 28.4%
Other Vehicle Standouts:
Toyota Corolla 2229 2777 24.5%
Mercedes A-Class 370 456 23.2%
Audi A3 251 334 33%
Ford Mustang 119 245 105.8%
BMW 2 Series Coupe 36 58 61%

Summing Up Assets in Summer

Looking at the figures and coupled with asset finance’s remarkable comeback from COVID, your clients might be in the market for something new. Warm up your clients by making sure they’re aware of your expertise and ability to offer quick, no-fuss options through the Nodifi platform.

Questions, queries or scenarios? Your Nodifi representative is happy to assist you.

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