Why Dealers
Choose Nodifi

Point of sale
exemption remains

Unlike most other referral options, using Nodifi means you keep your Point of Sale Exemption relating to NCCP. This has been given the green light by an external auditor, meaning you are protected.

Available on
any device

Sales people can use the platform on a tablet or phone in the sales lot, meaning less pushy tactics and more conversions.


The platform is fully NCCP compliant, and we can assist you with any regulatory changes that come into effect.

We’ve got
your back

Get an expert asset finance team working for you.


It’s a scalable service, you pay per application.

Live loan

Live loan progress updates ensure that you always know exactly what stage your application is at.

No need for a
business manager

If you are a smaller yard, you can save wages. The Nodifi Platform and Team has all of the asset finance smarts, meaning your sales people can now sell vehicles and finance, making them a more efficient employee.

API Integration

Connecting your systems with ours means even faster submissions and less friction with staff because they don't need to double key data.

More lenders,
more choice

Instead of having access to 1 or 2 lenders, you have access to our entire panel. Meaning more approvals, which means more car sales and more income.